26 diciembre 2007

"Tom Jones - Unchained Melody" vs. "The Cardigans - My Favourite Game"

Sir Tom Jones singing one of most popular song ever: Unchained Melody of The Righteous Brothers

hahabass :
Oooh! Touchy. What is the perfect singing machine exactly? I'll say one thing, those who try to cover Elvis' songs, including Tom, do have quite a struggle. However, FOR ME, I said FOR ME, as much as I love Elvis, (and maybe it IS vocal strength, maybe I'm being a bit shallow) Tom's voice does everything it needs to do. I'm a vocal coach (not taught any big stars or anything, but I feel I have some knowledge). In the end though, I guess it's opinion. Shall we leave it there?

Videoclip Oficial de "My Favourite Game" by The Cardigans

Back in '98 Cardigans were one of the "next big thing" in music... Although they never really got very famous, the Swedish group still made a few great songs... This my favourite, but "Erase/Rewind" is a good tune as well, and Nina is so hot there!