16 febrero 2007

Cockamamie Business - George Harrison

Bust my back on the Levy - broke my strings on the BBCFound my chops on Eel Pie Island - paid my dues at the MarqueeSlagged off by the N.M.E. - lost my stash and my virginityIn this Cockamamie BusinessGot my face on Ed Sullivan - broke my heart on the Soul TrainIntroduced to Bad Company - lost cells down at Brain DrainAnd before I could mend - lost the missus, missed the girlfriendIn this Cockamamie BusinessNow we like to air condition - though the air has no ozone ringStill they're chopping down the forest for McDonalds and the Burger KingEating cows with such persistance - doesn't offer much resistanceTo this Cockamamie BusinessThere are too many things - stressing out the nervous systemGirls you used to know - fellas that may have kissed'emSome got rabies - Some got fleas - some got incurable diseasesFrom this Cockamamie BusinessEverybody's after as many points as they can getAs long as it's not them that has to payNo one really minds the Debt5-Star actors, tax inspectors, film producers and directorsWith their Cockamamie BusinessWell you do what you can - can't do much more than that(No you can't do what he just said)Some days you're pretty sharp - on other days you feel half dead(While you make your daily bread)Didn't want to be a star - wanted just to play guitarIn this Cockamamie Business